Venice1590s, Winter Gown


This was taken at the end of the night of my first event, which is why my lacing had slipped and I was too tired to notice!

Point in bodice back.

Period: 1590s

Inspired by: Cesare Vecellio's "Venetian Lady in Winter". (seen above)

Pattern: My own. First pattern I ever drafted myself. I am quite pleased that I included a feature that, so far, seems unique to sixteenth century Venetian fashions - the point in the bodice back. All my Venetian gowns from this first one onwards have had this feature. I had not found Alcega's Tailors Pattern Book yet, so the shoulder straps had a tendency to fall off the shoulders - which I was determined to find a solution for.

Materials likely to have been used in period: Heavy silk damask, brocatelle or a figured velvet such as brocaded voided velvet or cisele. Interlining of heavy linen, perhaps lined with silk.

Materials I used: Chenille weave upholstery fabric, 80% cotton, 20% polyester. The background is a rough uncut pile surface similar to period uncut velvet, and the pattern is a satin weave. This is similar to a period uncut voided velvet, only in period the pattern itself would have been the uncut velvet pile, with the background in satin weave. The interlining is heavy duty fusible interfacing, and the bodice is lined with 100% cotton drill.

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