Venice 1520s, Summer Ribbon-Tied Dress


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Period: 1520s

Inspired by: Palma Vecchio's "Woman In Blue"

Pattern: New pattern made by adapting the McCalls' that was used for my brown velveteen dress.

Materials likely to have been used in period: Blue silk, trimmed with matching blue silk plush velvet strips, tied at the front with ribbons of matching silk. Interlined with linen, lined with linen or possibly silk.

Materials I used: All 100% cotton drill in outer fabric/lining - 4 panels of 1metre+ width used in the skirt, knife pleated into bodice with double box pleats at the sides, back and front. Bodice interlined with cotton calico - 100% cotton. Trimmed with gimp braid in a darker blue and tied in front in four places with matching blue poly ribbon. I have not yet made sleeves for this dress, but when I do I will knife pleat the tops and sew to the bodice. Undersleeves will then be able to be tied-in to the bodice.

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