Florence 1590s, Doublet-Style Over Gown


Period: 1590s

Inspired by: "Florentine Lady" - image from "Album Amicorum of a German Soldier, 1595, Los Angeles County Museum of Art., (seen above). This dress was also inspired by Margo's Patterns "Iron Dress" Competition.


Pattern: Margo's Patterns Elizabethan Lady's Wardrobe for the doublet bodice and curved sleeves. Rectangular skirt constructed by me.

Materials likely to have been used in period: Silk damask, plain weaves of silk, silk velvet.

Materials I used: Velvet - 100% cotton. Bodice was interlined with linen and lined with two types of silk: 100% lining weight silk in light grey for those areas not visible, and mid brown silk/gold metallic striped "cloth of gold" fabric for the visible areas of inside collar and inside fronts. Sleeves were made from this "cloth of gold" fabric, lined with cotton. Skirt was made from rectangular panels of velvet, front shaped to fit point, and lined for 25cm on either side with "cloth of gold" fabric. Trimming: Metallic gold cord was machine-couched down on front, back, shoulder roll panes and skirt opening. Gold beads and pearls were hand sewn between the gold cord.


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