Venice 1580s, Damask Court Gown


I looked so happy because these photos were taken just after I'd been called up in court to receive both my Barony's and the West Kingdom awards for excellence in the Arts and Sciences - the Golden Owl and Rose Leaf respectively. I had no idea that either was coming, but I'm so glad I was wearing a nice dress!

Period: 1580s

Inspired by: A detail from Hendrick Goltzius' "The Venetian Ball". (as seen above)

Pattern: My own. My last front laced bodice pattern was re-drafted to omit the front closure, and include side-back closure. Inner layer constructed of two layers of cotton, and minimal plastic boning. Alcega shoulder straps, rectangular construction skirt, front panels shaped to fit point.

Materials likely to have been used in period: Silk damask, trim of embroidery, applied jewels and pearls or applied metallic laces or passementarie.

Materials I used: Cotton/poly jaquard outer, inner of two layers of cotton calico boned with plastic boning, lined with 100% cotton drill. Embroidery around neckline, over shoulders and across back, featuring couched plum and gold soutache braid, chain stitch in gold, and applied pearls and gold plated metalic beads. I made plain sleeves because I ran out of time, but I am intending on lining and slitting the tops to look like the ones in "The Venetian Ball", and adding matching embroidery to the sleeve tops. This dress's bodice was designed to be firm, but still show a slight curve in the chest area - as seen in "The Venetian Ball", and was designed to be worn without a corset for comfort.

Partlet was made from 100% cotton, and edged with 100% cotton lace that looks like bobbin lace. The falling ruff was made to be detachable. I wasn't as happy with it as I'd liked, so it's awaiting my attention.

Detail of neckline. Sorry - my fifteen year-old camera can't do close-ups. The red-ish colored stuff is plum and gold soutache braid. The silvery looking stuff is actually gold embroidery floss in chain stitch. The white blobs are pearls and the yellow blobs are gold-plated round beads.

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