Venice 1520s, Brown Ribbon-Tied Dress


These photos taken inside Carrick Hill House, during Medieval Fair, 2002.

On the first day of Fair I was asked if I would mind having photos taken of me inside Carrick Hill House, which of course I didn't. They ended up being taken on the second day of the Fair, instead of the first day, so I wasn't wearing the proper camicia with it, which has large loose sleeves to match those of this dress.

A little of the neckline detail. I am wearing a veil in the manner of later in the sixteenth century. I still need to make myself appropriate headwear to go with this style of dress.

This photo was taken at my first Rowany Festival, AS XXXVI, for which I made the dress.

Period: 1520s

Inspired by: Giovanni Cariani's "Portrait of A Lady". (seen above)

Pattern: Adapted the bodice pattern from McCalls' 2242 (servant) by narrowing the shoulder straps/widening the neckline. I left the back seams as they were, but straightened the front seam over the bust. Adapted front piece to make two front closing fronts.


Materials likely to have been used in period: Looks like brownish-red silk, or perhaps fine wool, trimmed with matching brownish-red silk plush velvet strips, tied at the front with ribbons of matching silk. May have been interlined with linen, and lined with linen or silk.

Materials I used: Velveteen - 100% cotton, bodice and sleeves interlined/flatlined with 100% cotton, and lined with 100% cotton drill. Tied with matching brown woven cord, and trimmed with woven ribbon trim.

It was wonderful to be allowed to step inside the impressive dining room and to stand looking out of the centuries old windows.

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