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I am not going to prevaricate - this page has a double purpose. Primarily, of course, is to list the books I own and use (and those I have on my wish list) to help those of you who may be wondering what to buy for your own libraries. Secondly, as you can see for yourselves, I am now an Amazon Associate and each book, DVD, CD or any other item you wish to purchase has the potential to earn money to help me keep The Realm of Venus online. The chunk of web space required for this web site is very large, and with each addition to the site this increases. This is a not-for-profit site. All monies raised will be used to maintain the website.

Every book listed below I either own, or have on my wish list at Amazon. Each and every one of these should be of use and interest to those of you who are interested in costuming, Venice and Italy, courtesans and women, textiles and lace/embroidery, poetry and literature of the early modern period, Italian Renaissance music, and costume films. As for the fiction set in Venice, that is, of course, less useful and listed here purely for entertainment value. I do recommend that you carefully read the descriptions at Amazon or The Book Depository to make sure it is something you'd like to own, but if you do decide to buy, clicking on the links provided and buying through this page will help support this website.

If you don't wish to buy any of the listed books, DVDs, or CDs, but still wish to help support The Realm, you can use the Amazon and Book Depository (US) search boxes below to shop for other goodies, or perhaps you could buy Amazon Gift Certificates for your family and friends.


Note: If you live in the UK or Europe and wish to purchase locally please use the 'Search at Amazon UK' widget. If you see a resource you want in the widgets that lead you to the US site, just enter the name in the search widget and if it's available at Amazon UK you will be taken to the product page. Eventually I hope to have a separate page of Amazon UK widgets. 

Or, if all else fails, donations via Paypal are always appreciated.

Thank you.   


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2001 - 2015 Anabella Wake (Known in the SCA as Bella Lucia da Verona) I hold copyright on all information on these pages, and on all images of clothing/costume that I have made. You are allowed to make one facsimile copy for your own use provided that this notice is included on each page. Please ask permission to copy, disseminate and/or distribute my work - I would like to know when and how you are finding this information of use.