A List of Articles in Cockatrice

This is a list of stuff I've contributed to Cockatrice - Lochac's quarterly A&S magazine - just in case anyone is interested in getting my work in hard copy. Most of it appears on 'The Realm of Venus' - my costume research website. The sonnet can be found via the 'About me' page under 'Poetry and graphics for The Muse'.

Date Issue

Article Title

November 2002 16 Venetian: First Things First
  17 The 16th C Venetian Camicia
  18 My lord hath eyes that shine black as the night (A sonnet)
  19 Fabrics for the Venetian Persona
  20 Fabrics for the Venetian part 2 
  22 Venetian hairstyles and headwear
  25 A Black Velvet Bonnet
  33 A Venetian Falling Ruff 
April 2007 34 SCA Rapier Garb: From Fighting to Feasting
35 How to Sew a Venetian Shift/Camicia



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(Copyright Information: As author I, Anabella Wake, known in the SCA as Bella Lucia da Verona, hold copyright on all information on these pages. In addition I hold copyright on all images of clothing/costume that I have made. You are allowed to make one facsimile copy for your own use provided that this notice is included on each page. Please ask permission to copy, disseminate and/or distribute my work - I would like to know when and how you are finding this information of use.)