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If you would like to contribute to The Realm of Venus, first of all I would like to say THANK YOU! I do not have an income of my own, and this site does not receive funds from advertising, etc, so any alms you would like to donate to the cause of pimpin' Italian Ren fashion would be gratefully accepted.

So, how do you go about supporting this website? There are two ways. The first is by making a donation, which is really easy to do with PayPal. Just click on the graphic on the left and you will be taken to the PayPal website and a form you can fill out to make your donation. I have left the amount blank, and ANY amount at all you care to donate will be welcomed. I have provided you with the means of leaving a short note to me if you so wish, but that is entirely optional.

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Some of the ways your funds will be used could included:

Funding the annual domain name and web hosting costs (this is the most likely use); buying a newer, up-to-date, web authoring program; buying newer digital art program;  upgrading costs for web hosting, such as extra web space, higher bandwidth limits, and other bells-and-whistles; buying costume books and accessing other costuming resources.

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